how i paid off student debt

How I paid off $34,579 in student loans in under 4 years

Want to be debt free like me? Here are the 5 strategies that helped me pay off $34,579 in student loans in under four years.

Crush Your Debt Comics

The magic combo to get paid to do what you love

I think I’ve found the magic combo between your career and your calling to get paid to do what you love

Stitch Fix Giveaway

Stitch Fix Giveaway – Because it’s spring and you deserve it!

Spring is here! And I’m celebrating by hosting a Stitch Fix Giveaway to help you get your wardrobe ready for the warmer weather

truth about working from home

Entrepreneur Goddess Queen vs. Work-From-Home Hermit Troll

I have a split personality. Inside of me lives two very real beings: One is an effervescent goddess who shoots rainbows and bubbles from her wand, as she charges forth in life on the back of her magical, light-footed, pink unicorn. The other is a crusty, pasty ol’ troll who lives in a dark cave, snarling and grumbling and avoiding sunlight as much as possible. Welcome to the life Jekyll-and-Hyde life of a work-from home entrepreneur.

is student loan debt bad

Is Student Loan Debt Bad? I’m confused…

Is student loan debt bad? I worked my but off to pay down $30,000 in student loan debt. But maybe that was good?

How I Bought My Freedom for $25 a Week

I’m working at my laptop in a coffee shop just outside of Seattle. I have a chamomile tea next to my stack of notebooks, and I’m looking out at the sunset and the drizzle of rain. It’s 5:30 and I have about 2 hours of work left to do, but I don’t mind. That’s the [...]