crush your debt comics

Defeat Your Debt Monster with the Crush Your Debt Comics

crush your debt comics

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It’s here! The comics are here!

I’m so excited to announce the launch of the Crush your Debt Comics

This has been months in the making, and I now have over 20 comic panels of a blonde girl in green tights battling an evil green monster.

These comics chronicle the heroic journey of an indebted college grad as she discovers her super powers and fights the dreaded Debt Monster. This may very well be the only debt-crushing comic series on the planet.

My hope is that when you read them, you smile a little today. Let me know what you think when you do! :)

Why comics?

I think life needs more laughter and doodles. So this felt like my chance to spread a little more joy in the world of money and debt.

But I also realized that comics could do more than just make people smile.

Comics can inspire others to find their inner superheroes. Comics can empower others to defeat their own monsters.

This is what the Crush Your Debt Comics are all about: finding your own superpower, creating a plan of attack and defeating your debt monster.

Join me and Defeat the Debt Monster

Since starting The Empowered Dollar, I’ve received hundreds of reader emails. You’ve shared your own student loan stories with me, you’ve reached out to me for advice on how to repay your debt, and you’ve opened up with your emotional struggles about being in debt.

And I heard one message over and over: “My debt is consuming me. My debt feels like it’s driving every choice I make with my money. My debt feels unbeatable.”

I’ve been there. I’ve felt the weight of tens of thousands of dollars in debt pressing down on me.

And I’ve fought back. I gathered all the weapons I could and I chose to go to battle against the Debt Monster. I established my financial priorities, cut back on spending, earned money on the side, negotiated everything and threw every extra dollar I could at the Debt Monster.

In less than four years, I paid of $34,579 in student loans and defeated it once and for all.

Defeating the Debt Monster

And that brings me to today: I want to help you not only fight but defeat your Debt Monster.

Take a moment to imagine your own Debt Monster. Imagine it has scales or fur, horns or wings, that it’s green or purple, large and imposing or small and mischievous.

Now imagine yourself as a superhero. Imagine your superhero tights, your flowing cape and your magical mask. Imagine that you have any power you choose: you can fly, shoot lasers, display human strength, and imagine that you have a utility belt full of every weapon you could ever want.

Good. Now you’re ready to fight.

It sounds silly, but imagining your debt as something tangible like a monster gives you more power. You’ve named your debt and brought it to life, and just by that act alone, you can now do battle with it.

And imagining yourself as a superhero isn’t that far-fetched: because you do have superhero powers and weapons to fight back. We all do

Even if your Debt Monster seems impossibly huge, there is always a way to defeat it. The Debt Monster is like the final boss at the end of a video game. It’s not going to go down without a fight, but there is a way to beat it. There’s always a way.

It will take time, persistence and the right weapons. And I want to give you the cheat sheet to help you defeat it :)

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Behind the scenes of the Crush Your Debt Comics

This comic book series is two things I love rolled into one: doodling and helping people with their money. Growing up, I always wanted to be a cartoonist, so the Crush Your Debt Comics series feels like my life has come full circle in an incredible way.

Here’s some behind-the-scene sketches:

Debt Monsters

Debt Monster

I ended up combining the Debt Monster and Debt Demon into one (after realizing the original Debt Monster looked too much like Sulley from Monster’s, Inc.!)

The best part about the Crush Your Debt Comics? You!

Like any good comic, the series doesn’t just stop here. This comic is driven by you. I want to give you all the tricks and tools you need to defeat your own Debt Monster. The more I hear from you about how I can help, the more kick-ass these comics will become.

Let’s do battle together. Join me :)

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